Instant Answers and Other Features

Instant Answers

DuckDuckGo uses over 100 sources to provide answers to your searches, without the need to click on a result. Just look for the instant answer above the results:

They're open source, so any developer can contribute new Instant Answers or fix current ones." This also means we have a wide variety of Instant Answers!

Of course, things like calculations and factual information are covered but what's more interesting are the surprises you'll find as instant answers:

From checking the status of a flight to finding words that rhyme together, we've got an instant answer for it.

Also, our platform for creating Instant Answers is open source so if you're a developer, you can contribute! Check out for more info.

!Bang Syntax

You can search other sites directly from DuckDuckGo, just by using our available !bangs.

For example, if you wanted to search on for, "shoes" you could simply type: !amazon shoes

...which would automatically take you to and search for shoes...

Many of the !bangs even have short versions. Use 'a' for Amazon or 'w' for Wikipedia.

For example: !a shoes   or   !w shoes

There are thousands of sites covered and you can even submit your own!

If you're using our browser extension or, if you have DuckDuckGo as your browser's default search-engine, the !bang commands will even work from the address bar or search bar. WARNING: Use of !bangs will forever change the way you search, leaving you with more free time and less frustration.

In-site Search

You can quickly search other sites without leaving the DuckDuckGo results page. To do that, click on, More from DuckDuckGo will then show perform your search on that domain and show results on the search page. Like this:

Perform a search:

Hover over the search result and select the, More from ....option: