Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate the results (as opposed to the mouse).

Open results:

  • Enter or l or o — go to the highlighted result, or use it right away to go to the first result
  • Ctrl/Cmd+Enter — open a result in the background
  • d — domain search (if a result is highlighted)
  • ' or v — open the highlighted result in a new window/tab. Since this uses JavaScript, you need to turn off pop-up blockers first.

Move around:

  • ← and → — navigate instant answer tabs. When an instant answer is open, navigate within the instant answer.
  • ↓ or j — next search result
  • ↑ or k — previous search result
  • / or h — go to search box
  • s — go to misspelling link (if any)
  • t — go to top
  • m — go to main results

If you don't like the keyboard shortcuts, you can turn them off in the settings.