Commit Bits

Gaining commit access to DuckDuckGo repositories

What's a, "committer?"

What are the qualities of a committer?

DuckDuckGo is reliant on a vibrant community of both code and non-code contributors. In all areas, there are outstanding individuals who contribute significantly to DuckDuckGo's efforts. We call these superstars, "community leaders." On the open source code side, developers who attain the status of a community leader are eligible for write-access (commit access) to the DuckDuckGo open source repositories. Those individuals are then, "committers" and have demonstrated the following qualities:

  • Passion for DuckDuckGo's open source initiatives.
  • Ongoing contributions to any of our repositories (particularly, Instant Answers).
  • Seeks feedback and engages the community with ideas, questions, and suggestions.
  • Efficient and broad knowledge of how to properly develop for DuckDuckGo's open source projects.

What are the requirements to become a committer?

There are no specific achievements or contribution levels required to gain commit access. However, we particularly look for developers who've contributed to DuckDuckGo's code base and community over a significant period of time (in many cases, months).

In all cases, gaining commit access is a lengthy process. Our community is the most important thing at DuckDuckGo. Obtaining a commit bit is an honorable milestone and should only be awarded to those who've positively pushed DuckDuckGo and the community forward.

How do I get started earning a commit bit?

In general, we'd love everyone to participate as much as possible! Keep the conversations flowing in the community. If you have a question, ask! If you have a great idea, share it! Committers should always be doing something they love :)

What if I just want to help and don't want commit access?

No problem! You can contribute in any capacity to our open source projects. In fact, please do!

What if I no longer want to be a commiter?

We'd prefer that all committers are continuously engaged with the DuckDuckGo projects but we're also aware that life sometimes requires time away from the computer :P Because of that, commit bits are awarded with an annual expectation. Meaning, if you don't contribute at all to the DuckDuckGo repositories for 1 year, we will revoke your commit bit. Commit bits can be reinstated at any point but the expectation will be that your contributions pick back up to the level that they're awarded at (continuous contribution).

What if I have questions about any of this?

Feel free to reach out to us at any time: