Number of results

We get results from a variety of sources (including our own). Because of this unique way of generating results, we cannot easily determine the number of results for a particular search ahead of time. That's why we do not display such a number in our search results.

In addition, there are a bunch of reasons you may not be getting as many results as you think you should for a particular query.

  • We try to be very exact based on what you type in, whereas other search engines often change your query around a bit. So that is the first thing to look at. That is, if you slightly change your query do you get more results?
  • Related to exactness, it could be your use of punctuation.
  • We could have had a brief outage on our side. You could try a hard refresh (usually ctrl/cmd-R) to clear your cache and try again.
  • If none of these apply, and you are still getting sparse results for a search you think really should be giving you more results, please send in the specific search. It might be something we can easily fix!