Universal shipment tracker

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It would be great if people can track their shipments from every postage company, like on 17track.net
If I enter my tracking code there, it automaticly tracks my shipment and shows both the information of the origin country and the destination country. As extra, it also translates the info, which is handy with languages like Chinese.
17track.net or other shipment tracking sites
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There are a variety of shipment trackers available already, with more in the pipeline (for the UK, I believe).
You can see them in the column w/ this example: https://duckduckgo.com/goodies#Special_I...

Any notable things that this could be specifically used for? E.g. countries or services not already available?
posted by zac Staff4 years and 9 months ago Link
I've seen that there are already some trackers available, but not many. (UPS, HK post, Danmark Post, DHL, USPS, IPS, FedEx)
The problem is that there are still a lot more companies which aren't supported. For example, if I use the webpage mentioned before, I know for sure I will get a result for both origin and destination country. A package sent with HK post (example) to another country, can be tracked on 2 webpages (HK post and the webpage of the destination county).
DuckDuckGo shows only one link.

It would also be nice if information is shown directly instead of a link.
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posted by zac Staff4 years and 9 months ago Link