How to hide my browser data

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There are already instant answers for questions like

"What's my ip address?"
"What's my user agent?"

but there is none for the interesting follow ups like

"How to hide my ip address?"
"How to hide my user agent?"

This would be great.
• posted 4 years and 7 months ago Needs More Definition

you can't hide neither. you can use a proxy to hide your IP from destination websites but it doesn't hide your IP from the start...

and you can edit your user agent if you like. but many mainstream websites use useragent to load certain features. if for example your user agent doesnt match up, it think your browser is un-supported and may block content. Google does this for example with its stupid G+
G+ doesn't load unless you have a "supported browser" based on your user agent.

I hope this answers your question..... or lets you decide to rephrase it.
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hey maybe there is something similar to tor we can add~doesnt hurt to ask!!
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