Hardware (cpu, gpu, maybe more?) informations

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It would be cool if one could search for a certain cpu/gpu (for example "Intel i5-4300u" or "AMD Radeon R290") and DuckDuckGo would return various informations about them, reviews and/or benchmarks.

Also it would be even cooler if one could search "Intel i5-4300u vs i5-4200u" and see the various differences.

EDIT: damn, I totally missed the dropdown, sorry. I guess this would be a Spice.
There are many sites that could be used as a source, but almost none of them as an official api.

- Intel has an official database over http://ark.intel.com/ and has an api over http://odata.intel.com/ . The api seems free, but it has a pretty bad contract that I'm not sure DDG could respect.
- AMD has an official database too, over http://products.amd.com/pages/ (it covers their cpus and their gpus, and much more)
- One of the bests sites about cpus is http://www.cpu-world.com/, which as a big database (no api)
- Another site with a big database is TechPowerUp. cpus: http://www.techpowerup.com/cpudb/ gpus: http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/
- (Slightly unrelated?) TechPowerUp has also a nice database with many reviews here http://www.techpowerup.com/reviewdb/
- http://cpuboss.com/ doesn't have much data, but present it in a nice way. There is also http://gpuboss.com/ and http://ssdboss.com/
- AnandTech has a nice page where one can compare cpu, gpu and ssd: http://anandtech.com/Bench/CPU/2
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This could be a Fathead
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