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Disclaimer: I have no idea of how much time and effort adding a new source takes. As such, my proposal might be near to impossible implement or just simply irrelevant.

So with this new version of DDG more focus has been placed on news. Great! Many requested it. Currently DDG covers a few broad news sources, which of course it should have basic support for. However, I think that a more specialized approach should be considered. Google has a huge advantage when it comes to most things considering their size, money and reputation. Fighting over the broader news stories is at this point unwise as Google just simply will be better. With that said, niche markets are inherently hard for bigger companies to fill and is the root to DuckDuckGo's success. DDG is not growing because it has better search results, it is growing despite google has better search results. Why? Because of the niche market of 'privacy-aware users' and 'instant answers' which have turned to DDG (and because the group 'privacy-aware' has grown exponentially.) The news section has managed to make it less of a loss to use DDG instead of Google for those seeking privacy or extensive instant answers. But it's hardly going to make anyone switch from Google as a feature on its own. So maybe DDG shouldn't strive to have a mediocre news experience for as many as possible (which is Googles current approach) but to produce an excellent experience for the special few. I'm not saying scrap what is already there, but to complement it with regional news in selected areas. So what areas to choose? I don't know. I will complement this request with a comment with all Swedish news media sources, and their geographical belonging. Whether or not Sweden is a good choice to start I don't know.

Not only does Google lack support for most regional news papers, it also lacks basic intelligence. When a story is breaking local news sources have the most extensive details, and although a small country-side newspaper (in the area of an event) has most information, google will direct you to the most visited news source i.e. big national media. Furthermore, searching for a news story ignored by the bigger national media and only covered by local media isn't even recognized by google as news but shows up as any other website. This is where DDG can find growth potential in news, I think.

To clarify what I'm requesting: when adding new news sources - première clusters of local media (how about becoming the best news search on Okinawa, Iceland and California instead of producing mediocre results for everyone much like Google.) Secondly, when searching for news 'xx' in 'place' put whatever media source that is geographically relevant, rather than whatever website has most amounts of hits. Thirdly, make the 'news' trigger work in more languages.
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Firstly, the trigger 'news' in DDG would be equivalent to Nyheter in Swedish

Biggest daily newspaper sites: (National / Stockholm county) (National / Stockholm county) (National / Västra götaland county) (National / Malmö municipality / Lund municipality / Kävlinge municipality / Lomma municipality / Bjurlöv municipality / Staffantorp municipality / Svedala municipality, Vellinge municipality / Trelleborg municipality)

Biggest tabloids: (National / Stockholm county) (National / Stockholm county) (Skåne province) (Västra götaland county)

Regional daily newspapers: (Uppsala county / Cities: Uppsala, Östhammar, Tierp, Heby, Knivsta, Enköping, Sigtuna) (Västmanland province / Cities: Västerås, Hallstahammar, Surahammar) (Närke province / Cities: Örebro, Askersund, Hallsberg, Nora, Hällefors, Karlskoga, Kumla, Laxå, Lekeberg, Lindesberg, Ljusnarsberg, Degerfors) (Östergötland province / Cities: Linköping, Mjölby, Boxholm, Ödeshög, Motala, Vadstena, Kinda, Åtvidaberg, Norrköping) (Skåne province / Cities: Helsingborg, Bjuv, Båstad, Höganäs, Klippan Landskrona, Perstorp, Svalöv, Åstorp, Ängelholm, Örkelljunga) (Småland province / Cities: Vetlanda, Jönköping, Månsarp, Ölmstad, Habo, Dalvik, Gränna, Huskvarna ) (Östergötland province / Cities: Norrköping, Finspång, Söderköping, Valdemarsvik) (Skåne province / Cities: Eslöv, Hörby, Höör, Kävlinge, Lund, Lomma, Bjurlöv, Malmö, Sjöbo, Skurup, Staffanstorp, Svalöv, Landskrona, Svedala, Trelleborg, Vellinge, Ystad) (Västerbotten province / Cities: Umeå, Bjurholm, Dorotea, Holmsund, Hörnefors, Lycksele, Nordmaling, Robertsfors, Sorsele, Storuman, Sävar, Vilhelmina, Vindeln, Vännäs, Åsele) (Gävleborg county / Cities: Gävle, Sandviken, Hofors, Ockelbo, Älvkarleby) (Gästrikland province / Northern Uppland province / Cities: Gävle, Sandviken, Hofors, Ockelbo, Älvkarleby, Tierp) (Southern part of Västra Götaland province (informally called Sjuhäradsbygden) / Cities: Borås, Bollebygd, Mark, Svenljunga, Tranemo, Herrljunga, Ulricehamn) (Södermanland county / Cities: Eskilstuna, Strängnäs, Flen) (Cities: Södertälje, Järna, Nykvarn) (Värmland province / Cities: Karlstad, Arvika, Dalsland, Eda, Filipstad, Forshaga, Grums, Hagfors, Hammarö, Karlskoga, Degerfors, Kil, Kristinehamn, Munkfors, Storfors, Sunne, Säffle, Torsby, Västerdalarna, Årjäng) (Småland province / Växjö, Alvesta, Lessebo, Tingsryd, Uppvidinge, Älmhult) (Halland province / Cities: Halmstad, Hylte, Laholm) (Cities: Sundsvall, Timrå, Ånge) (Norrbotten county / Cities: Luleå, Kiruna, Gällivare Boden Tornedalen, Kalix, Överkalix, Jokkmokk) (Norrbotten county / Cities: Luleå, Malmfälten, Boden) (Cities: Trollhättan, Vänersborg, Lilla Edet, Mellerud) (Jämtland province / Härjedalen county / Cities: Östersund, Berg, Bräcke, Krokom, Ragunda, Strömsund, Åre) (Dalarna province / Cities: Borlänge, Falun, Gagnef, Hedemora, Leksand, Ludvika, Malung, Sälen, Mora, Orsa, Rättvik, Smedjebacken, Säter, Vansbro, Älvdalen) (Dalarna province / Avesta, Borlänge, Falun, Gagned, Hedemora, Leksand, Ludvika Malung, Sälen, Mora, Orsa, Rättvik, Smedjebacken, Säter, Vansbro, Älvdalen) (Småland province / Cities: Emmaboda, Hultsfred, Högsby, Kalmar, Mönsterås, Nybro, Oskarshamn, Torsås, Öland)

News sites from TV stations : (national) (national) (Blekinge province) (Gävle county / Dalarna county) (Halland province) (Jämtland province) (Jönköping county) (Västernorrland county / Jämtland county) (Norrbotten county) (Småland province / Öland) (Gävleborg county) (Södermanland province) (Uppland province) (Skåne province / Blekinge province) (Örebro county / Västmanlands county) (Värmland county) (Västerbotten county) (Västmanlands county) (Västra götalands county / Hallands county) (Södermanlands county, Östergötlands county, Gotlands county)

News sites from radio: (national) (Blekinge province) (Dalarna province) (Gotland province) (Gävleborg county) (Gothenburg) (Halland province) (Jämtland province) (Jönköping county) (Kalmar county) (Kristianstad county) (Kronoberg county) (Malmöhus county) (Norrbotten county) (Borås municipality / Bollebygd municipality / Mark municipality / Ulricehamn municipality / Tranemo municipality / Svenljunga municipality / Herrljunga municipality / Vårgårda municipality) (Skaraborg county) (Stockholm county) (Södermanland county) (Uppland province) (Värmland county) (Dalslands province / Bohuslän province / Lysekil municipality / Uddevalla municipality / Trollhättan municipality / Vänersborgs municipality) (Västerbotten county) (Västernorrland county) (Västmanland county) (Örebro county) (Östergötland county)
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Thanks for putting this together! If someone from the open source community develops this, it will be super useful to have this around.
posted by zac Staff4 years and 8 months ago Link
Thanks. In an attempt to generate some development support: even if only 1/3 of these sources makes it into a DDG search module the source extent will be bigger than google. If you add half with some basic support for geo-relevance for search query you will have created a news aggregator superior to anything else. If you add all I'm quite certain you will see 'news only' traffic within Sweden, people coming to DDG for the news and then realizing it is a search engine. Which I think should be the goal of the news feature for DDG. Extensive local support that broadens the user base.

It should be noted that the sources have been heavily curated, most are local news papers that has been coming to peoples doorsteps for over a hundred years. No blogs, no trash.

You'd basically make all of Sweden DDG evangelists overnight. Also, not a developer but like the idea? Make a comment with the most important news sources within your area with geographical tagging for implementation!
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Sorry if I am miscalculating, but I think this idea could be easily implemented by going to tons of regional news websites, finding RSS feeds, and then downloading them and displaying them wherever you want to display them. I know this will cause some server load but it could be a good solution.
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