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i pick music category then
everything about music will be searched
my results

if cat = music /and text then
| text + music learn/mp3/(n subject)
|| until

difference from another sites

category wont search other categories
it search other subjects involves
the sensitivity is not one word
when i select cat = music will be word one
if was without text so its just viewing about music averages
if was with text will text 2 text 3 text 4 will search

like mp3 music / music pie / i love music learning / music video energy music = just music category post topics
• posted 4 years and 6 months ago Needs More Definition

When you visit a large company for product selection, on the left hand side you will see a long list of check boxes with many categories/type to filter out products. Similarly when we are searching that search result may contain many types of sites, i need to choose which type of sites i wish to look at, filtering out the others.

Simple example: when i am looking for finding the official site of a company, even while searching with company name, before that company's site we see many directories listed above like spam sites. I want to uncheck directories and i will not see those kind of sites with many lists.

When i am searching for a product, i decided to find from a specific country, i should be able to choose that country and choose "Product sites" then i will see only product websites from that country.

Other examples: I want to see educational websites only, or i want to see news websites only. I want to see specific countries websites only, i need to look at only social sites, search on only product sites, search on only blog sites, look at only dynamic sites, look at only static pages, look at only new pages created after certain date, etc..
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 11 months ago Link