When is the last banking day of a given month?

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For when you want to find out when you get your first pay check at your new job/want to find out when you start to get that bonus that was part of your promotion/etc.

E.g. it should return Monday, June 30 for this current month, assuming there's no holidays on that day.

I think this could be made it collaboration/together with the work days between-IA, as in the development of that IA you'd have to find a way to figure out which day are holidays and not.
• posted 4 years and 8 months ago Needs Source Suggestions

Sadly workdays-between doesn't include holidays currently; we'd need a good source of holiday & bank holiday data, it also depends where you are etc but I'm sure we can come up with a way of making it work once we've got the data :)
posted by mintsoft Community Leader4 years and 8 months ago Link