Anything Siri can answer instantly, make duckduckgo answer instantly

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Take a look at the type of questions Siri can answer. Try to answer those instantly too, like what movies are coming out or playing, closest restaurants, latest scores in sports, stock prices, etc.

So far I see the instant answer is ok and I really like the UI and everything duckduckgo is about (I use duckduckgo as my main search engine now), but the instant answer can definitely be improved and I believe that will really help your ratings.

Maybe add buy from iTunes option to the videos section too?

Either way, you guys are great. Hope these suggestions are helpful.
Wolfram, Yelp, Yahoo, etc.
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posted by TV 4 years and 19 days ago Link
That's not really possible, many Siri commands are not related to web search. For example
"What's on my calendar for Friday?"
"When I am meeting with Jimmy?"
"Give me direction to my dad's work"
"Call Bryan"
"Open Facebook"
posted by TV 4 years and 19 days ago Link
Yeah, I know. I'm not talking about those commands, I'm talking about game scores, stock prices, etc. My whole point is, the more duckduckgo can answer instantly, the more people will not have to go to other places for answers.

One reason I really like google (although I use duckduckgo as my default browser now) is that they answer a lot of things instantly so I don't have to click unto websites as often or do a massive search clicking through invalid links until I find the right answer.

Duckduckgo answers instantly and I prefer the way they present themselves compared to other search engines, I just think they can broaden what they answer instantly. Either way, I like the direction duckduckgo is heading and whether they listen to me or not, the fact I can voice my opinion is a plus!
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That makes more sense !

To be honest with you, siri have tons of commands, you should open a thread(s) about specific command(s).
That way we will keep Instant Answer board nice and clean.
posted by TV 4 years and 17 days ago Link
Thanks I can do that but it would be tedious. If you get someone with a current iPhone and hold down the home button, siri would pop up and there's a question mark on the bottom left side. Press that and it has everything siri can answer.

My recommendations would be try to have instant answers for the Sports section siri can answer, (i would say maps section, but a lot of it involves location and your map answers are good as is so far), restaurants section, movies section, weather section and stocks questions.

I like the instant answers duckduckgo already provides. I just think it can be improved.
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