Streaming Options in Top Banner for Searches Related to Videos

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I'd love to see a list of immediate streaming options for searches like "Orange is the New Black" or "Game of Thrones." I use these two examples because they can be readily streamed online from sources people are familiar with, and if you are logged into these sites already (many people are always logged in if they continually use the same device for streaming), these could just auto-play from a click in the search results.

To add more specifics, the process would go like this:

1. User searches for "game of thrones" or "watch game of thrones"

2. In the Video section (or just as the first banner section at the top that loads), an option is there to immediately click to "Watch Game of Thrones on HBO GO" or something similar. A click there would go directly to the latest episode/list of episodes (if user is logged in) or a login prompt (if user is not logged in).

The same could be done for movies and other series offered by other providers.
For use with Netflix, HBOGo, Showtime Anytime, etc.
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