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I really like Iconfinder (, which is a Danish search engine startup making it possible to search through thousands of icons (both free and premium).

I have actually been thinking about making a suggestion on this Instant Answer for some time now. So here it is. : )

It would be nice to be able to get a couple of icons (10 maybe even 20) inside the ZCI-box, when searching for something like "icons user" or "social network icons". It may be a good idea to request free icons only, if you search for something like "free social media icons". And of course the other way around, when searching for things like "buy flat icons" it should show premium icons only.

Also, an idea would be to have some "expand feature" just the way the IA works.

I'll send a tweet to the co-founder of the company, Martin, (we follow each other on Twitter) to let him know I've suggested this.

If you have any question don't hestiate to reply! I'd love to help. : )
As a source, I think we should use Iconfinder. They have an API which can be found here:

If you want to be able to use the API, you have to accept their (long, very long) Terms of Service. Sorry Martin : P

I haven't checked if their API support sorting of icon by filters, like price, and format (vector/raster). Ooh! That was a nice idea! : P

You can find that at this address:
• posted 5 years and 2 months ago • type: Spice (API calls) On Hold

Cool idea! That would definitely work with the new Spice design (carousel view).
posted by zac Staff5 years and 2 months ago Link
I'll work on this later today.{{query}}&c=10&p=0&min=1&max=24&api_key=...&price=nonpremium&l=1&callback={{callback}}
This gives you the icons for the search query that have a commercial license hat doesn't require attribution and are free / non-premium.
posted by TopHattedCoder Community Leader5 years and 1 month ago Link
Hey guys! What is the current status on IA (Instant Answer)? I've just been contacted by Martin from Iconfinder, who would love to see this live! : )
posted by ScreapDK Community Leader4 years and 9 months ago Link
UPDATE: Iconfinder just recently released version 2.0 of the Iconfinder API.

Anyone brave enough to go on this quest of giving Iconfinder a little Instant Answer-awesomeness!
posted by ScreapDK Community Leader4 years and 4 months ago Link
We're currently planning to carry out this integration internally as an expansion to the static Images tab.
posted by Moollaza Staff3 years and 3 months ago Link