Show the current stable version of a given browser. + Display download link.

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Show the current stable version of a given browser.
DDG should show a download button for users to directly download the given browser in its newest stable version, if this is allowed.
It should always provide links to the offical download page.

It could autodetect the user's operating system and show info about the relevant browser version.

E.g. when searching for "Download (Mozilla) Firefox" or just "(Mozilla) Firefox" on a device running Windows, DDG should return the following:

"[Firefox logo] Firefox version X was just released.

[Download button] <- direct download link to Windows specific version. I.e. the executeable file.
[More info here] <- link to official download page.

Alternative versions:
[Mac OS X] [Linux] <- List the top 2-3 popular alternative version.
this should be links to this specific search, but for the respective OS's.

[All versions] <- link to full list of all versions."

...and so on. : )
• posted 5 years and 5 months ago Needs Source Suggestions

After having a look for a while, the best source I could find was CNET. They have a JSON(P) format available, and we could search for software in the web browser category sorted by download count and filtered to free browsers only, then filter the results accordingly.
posted by TopHattedCoder Community Leader5 years and 12 days ago Link