MAC Address Vendor Lookup

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There are whole sites dedicated to looking up MAC address ( ). It would be great if I can type in either the whole MAC Address or just the prefix (first 3 hex octets) and have an instant answer pop up with the Vendor ID or OUI ( )

I often lookup the MAC Address of people connecting to my WiFi to see what devices they are using. This would be an invaluable tool for Network Administrators.

Sometimes the search is right on, and other times it is buried so far down it is difficult to find.

For example, searching for DuckDuckGo for "DC:2B:61" (even in quotes), the answer I want is way far down the list.

It would be nice if the first answer was "DC:2B:61:00:00:00 - DC:2B:61:FF:FF:FF MAC Address of Apple, Inc (Apple)" or something along those lines.

The lookup data table can be found at:

More info about MAC Addresses can be found at:

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Further, there are a number of ways different types of equipment represent MAC addresses;



Output example:
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Here's the "master list" for public OUIs used for MAC address lookups. This is probably the best place to parse from as it is where all the other parsers get their source data:
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I am working on implementing this Instant Answer.
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Submitted: PR 884
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