Show live/real-time countdown to any given date, or any furture moment.

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This would come up as an Instant Answer, when searching for things like "countdown to New Year", "countdown to December 30", "countdown to 7 PM".

It should be powered by the jQuery plugin named "Countdown.js", which supports this real-time feature.
There's documentation available about the plugin at the official website (, with a live demo, too (

The difference between this idea and the similar ones like "days between today and 01/01/2014", is that you can't make it show things like how long you have left at work before it's weekend or whatever it may be.

Oh, and of course this will be displayed live/in real-time! : )

Best regards,
Casper Qvortrup

P.S. The plugin is licensed und the MIT licence, so you can easily host it yourself. : P
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Thanks, Screap! Very cool idea!
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