Check availability of watching episodes or movies online

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The folks at Guidebox ( ) have a free API available that can show nearly every single full tv episode and every full length movie available online.

E.g. Searching duckduckgo for “Modern Family” would show the most recent episodes available online. Clicking play on the returned Modern Family episode(s) would take the user directly to the source (Hulu, ABC.COM, crackle, etc).

Here's an example of an implementation using the Guidebox API:
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Founder of Guidebox here. Would be happy to provide a bounty for this one and help customize our API to support what is needed here. E-mail if interested. thetvapi [ a t ] guidebox [ d o t ] com.
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Thanks, Adman!
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I'm working on this.
posted by adman 5 years and 10 months ago Link
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