Firearms from movies

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Using , show movie weapon information.

"gun from Tomb Raider"
"rocket launcher in the Dark Knight Rises"
• posted 5 years and 8 months ago Needs a Developer

IMFDB is an instance of MediaWiki which has a nice API well documented here but other instances should be identical or at least very simiilar. Here are some wiki instances which should be a good source of more IA's.

Jag and I spoke about this at Q&H yesterday. There were some interesting conclusions.

First, it's not obvious to the community that some IA's--the wikipedia one especially--are internal to DDG. It would be helpful to have a list of these written down somewhere linked in the IA tutorials. Also helpful would be a little understanding of how IA triggers are prioritized: a flowchart maybe?

Second, if some of the internal Wikipedia code got lifted to a library (a Moo::Role?) it could get reused If the internal code is not suitable for reuse, whoever takes on the first media wiki API AI should probably design it with reuse in mind, to help out with all the rest of those IAs to come.
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