Localizing instant answers

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I wonder if DuckDuckGo already supports domain-specific answers. Let's say my locale and/or interface language setting is set to German. When I'm looking for a search term which can be answered by Wikipedia, I would expect the instant answer coming from de.wikipedia.org instead of en.wikipedia.org.

If this is not possible yet, are there any plans to implement this feature in the future? Although I'm not that proficient in Perl yet (I'm a developer, though), I could jump in and help out if time allows.
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Isn't it against DuckDuckGo way to respect privacy ?
When you're searching for something on it it doesn't know anything about you.
Dunno, maybe it is possible, but it doesn't feel like this to me. ^^
posted by Ytilee 4 years and 5 months ago Link
In my opinion, all you're basically telling DDG is to take into account your personal region and language preferences set under https://duckduckgo.com/settings#tab0 . I don't think this invades privacy, as no personal information is involved.

Right now, when your region is set to Germany and you're looking for "Zen", the first result DDG brings up is a link to the German Wikipedia entry named "Zen". In contrast, when you're region is set to United States, the first link refers to the English Wikipedia entry.

I don't think there's a reason why this should not work for instant answers, too. In summary, the more DDG is localized, the more non-English speaking people would likely adopt DDG as their primary search engine.
posted by speely 4 years and 5 months ago Link