Compare (DogPile And Vote On) Results From Other Search Engines

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Hello there,

If you type in a search in to DuckDuckGo and add "search comparison" or something like that, I think an instant answer should pop up that goes to Google, Bing and (of course) DuckDuckGo and searches for your search (minus "search comparison" or whatever was used) and return the common results from the first ten, ranked by the number of search engines that have it there.

Why this would be good:
- Shows generally search opinion from around the web.
- Averages overall rankings (not everyone can get ranking wrong; there's a lot more wrong stuff to pick than right; probably end up with general "popular" results).
- Would allow you to search these top search engines without going there and allowing them to see your location and tracking cookie; servers at DuckDuckGo would do all the requesting.
- Finally, it would allow you to DogPile on a site that you can trust.

Google, Bing, Yahoo,, DuckDuckGo, etc.
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This is kind of related and might be better as its own topic. I would also like to see something which, given a user and their browser, would compare the results of these search engines, plus the results from the same engines _from a netral IP and browsesr_, from the perspective of what does goog, bing, etc think of my demographics, and what filter bubble are they presenting to me?

For example, if searching for "endurance" Goog shows you viagra and cialis ads/results when signed in, but shows you running/fitness otherwise, you might infer Goog thinks you're an older male. Do all the engines agree? How do they compare to DDG? There's a lot you could do here.

It could all be done client side too.
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