Am I using TOR instant answer

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A way to check if the current IP address is routed through the TOR network without contacting The verification should be made internally, because the client might have a rule to have routed through TOR but not
Source:, as long as the source is contacted by the server and not by the client using JavaScript trickery and stuff like that.
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A quick google turns up the Tor documentation where the Tor folks have already written the logic to perform the lookup so the real challenge is to implement this in DDG format instead of taking parameters from Getopt::Long.

I'm working through the tutorial and I'd like to take a crack at this one.

posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 1 month ago Link
Ok, after a bit of research, I think this will be a spice module and not a goodie because we need DNS which is an external service I believe.

Where can I get the IP address of the requester? I tried to find the instant answer that provides the IP address when you query "What is my ip" but I couldn't seem to find it.

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Currently the user's IP Address is not exposed to Instant Answers. The "what's my ip" answer comes from an internal, closed source Spice.

Unfortunately, this kind of Instant Answer isn't possible right now, except as an internal feature.
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