"calculate" as trigger for Wolfram|Alpha Query (always)

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This is pretty straightforward, my idea would be, that when you include "calculate" in your query DDG automatically tries to retrieve a result from Wolfram|Alpha.
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More definition:

For example when you search in DDG for "sum from n=0 to infinity of 1/n!" no IAs show up. Wolfram|Alpha of course can tell you that this equals e. My idea would be that when you would search for "calculate sum from n=0 to infinity of 1/n!" DDG would retrieve the answer (=e) from Wolfram|Alpha and show it directly as an instant answer on the results page.

Why this would be an improvement:
It would be quicker (like @Salutlolo pointed out) probably because you don't have to load all the extra infos from W|A (alternate representations, Graph, etc.)

IAs are thought to provide answers to users searches (if possible). If you search for "calculate <something>" the obvious answer would be to give you the result (if existent).

Probably there are some users that don't know the !wa bang. "calculate" is a lot more straightforward.

I'm sorry if my English isn't very good.
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Yes, more quick:
Quicker: population of Quebec
Less Quicker: !wa population of Quebec

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