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This suggestion is more of a up-to-date revision of this instant answer idea.

I think that a simple, patent instant answer or !bang would be quite useful. It could include the patent, the company/individual that filed it, when it was approved, when it was submitted, etc. It could be a lot faster than searching through the USPO website, as the interface isn't quite so slick and it could be much easier to search through DDG.

A version of this as a !bang might also be helpful.
I would think that the only real two sources are Google Patent Search (Google's implementation of this) or the USPO website, neither of which I believe has an API, which could complicate things. We could also use some info from, though I'm not sure if they have all the patents.
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This is a rough one since API access is usually provided by expensive third parties. Google has deprecated their own API IIRC.
posted by jkanarek Staff4 years and 2 months ago Link