board games!

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It would be cool if we could return board game information when a specific title is searched (e.g.: Twilight Struggle --
Source: clearly has a very big dataset of this information including pricing, user ratings, reviews, descriptions, etc... We would probably need to work with them to either get a dump or API access (if it exists).
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Bored games.
posted by toothy557 4 years and 1 month ago Link
I'd rather prefer Minecraft or something... :)
posted by javathunderman Community Leader3 years and 9 months ago Link
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 26 days ago Link
posted by jaryd Staff4 years and 7 days ago Link
For what it's worth, I asked whether they plan to expose a JSON enpoint soon ( - judging from the answers I got, that's a no...
posted by andrey_p Staff3 years and 8 months ago Link
posted by zac Staff3 years and 9 months ago Link
I'd love to see this, too, especially if you can pull board game ratings in with IA results!
posted by matthewmagellan 3 years and 9 months ago Link
I'd llike to find someone to play backgammon online. Any ideas.
posted by BloggerKing 3 years and 8 months ago Link