Pub med and mayo clinic results

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when a medical term or sickness is searched it'd be convenient to have a source more relevant than Wikipedia
this would be a great tool for people researching,


and could benefit many medical professionals.
due to Wikipedia not being reliable i think that other sources like pub-med would be very appreciated.
• posted 4 years and 4 months ago Needs Source Suggestions

This would be a IA correct @zac?
posted by Jlg Community Leader4 years and 4 months ago Link
Wikipedia is being improved upon by medical professionals all the time and many medical articles have been/are being peer reviewed. Whilst I agree it is not a perfect source of information, you need to consider exactly who will be searching on DDG. For patients, getting a list of specific pubmed articles may not be the way to go. Maybe this is better as a bang and not an instant answer, which as it turns out !pubmed already is...
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I think this would be very useful as well!

A quick search provided these possible apis:

Toxicology & Drugs: (

More useful resources:
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