Election Polls (DuckDuckGo User Voting)

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During the Scotland Separation Referendum 2014, it would have been cool if, when searching it, it would return a list of recent polls and the average of the camps.

I think it would also be cool if, when searching for an election or referendum, it would show the main parties with check-marks after them so you could vote for a party. Below that, it would show what percentage of DuckDuckGo users had voted for what party.

For referendums, it would be cool if it would show the question asked. (This can be gained from Wikipedia)
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• posted 4 years and 2 months ago Declined

Hey there, thanks a lot for the suggestion!

This is definitely a neat idea, however I'm not sure it's well aligned with the goal of an Instant Answer as they are supposed to provide useful information that is better than organic links. This type of instant answer, although fun to see, doesn't really help users by providing very important or relevant data.

As well, this kind of IA is likely not feasible with the current system: So far, all Instant Answers simply provide and display information. They cannot take inputs on the page and save them, but they could send an AJAX request if an API and database were availble. However, DuckDuckGo does not currently provide anything like that.

If however an instant answer was created that provides real numbers about real elections (in realtime), that would certainly be very useful to many users!

Thanks again for the idea, sorry that we can't use it!
posted by Moollaza Staff4 years and 2 months ago Link