USD/EUR/...any fiat/crypto <-> DOGE/LTC/DIGI/FTC/NMC conversion

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Something like "500 USD in BTC" e.g. "1 BTC in DOGE", "12 FTC in NMC", "1200000 DOGE in EUR", "9001 LTC in BTC".
• posted 3 years and 2 months ago • type: Spice (API calls) In Development

For the conversion of USD to BTC we just launched a new currency instant answer, However we don't have anything to support conversion to/from other crypto currencies so this would be awesome!
posted by Moollaza Staff3 years and 2 months ago Link
I'd be happy to develop it, but unfortunately I do not know Python. Are there any plans to launch your Instant Answers API in node.js?
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 2 months ago Link
*Perl. Not Python. My bad.
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 2 months ago Link
No we can't really switch to Node because our whole backend is written in Perl.

However, you don't really need to know much Perl to be able to write an Instant Answer. For Instant Answers using an API, you'd be creating a "Spice", which is mostly JavaScript. There is a Perl component to every instant answer but its mostly boilerplate code that doesn't require much thinking.

I suggest you read through the Goodie and Spice tutorials and then take a shot at it. I had no Perl experience when I made my first IA's but I had used Python for school assignments.

For the most part you should be able to copy lots of logic from existing Instant Answers and if you run into any trouble just make a Pull Request, explain what you need help with and someone will be sure to guide you along :)
posted by Moollaza Staff3 years and 2 months ago Link
Is anyone else working on this? If not, I'd like to take a stab at it.
posted by claytonspinner 3 years and 1 month ago Link
A pull request has been created
Thanks claytonspinner
posted by chrisjwilson Community Leader2 years and 11 months ago Link