Media hosting instant "answer" (somewhat unconventional)

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This idea is different from any other instant answer I know of, but can be supported by the existing "spice" answer type. When a user searches DDG for "image hosting" or "video hosting" or something along those lines, I'd like to put an upload form right there in front of them.

More detail:

I help run a website called MediaCrush that's closely aligned with DDG's principles. HTTPS always, public transparency reports, 100% open source, and so on. MediaCrush also runs a Tor relay with our extra bandwidth, offers a hidden service, and supports Do Not Track. We've got ads from Project Wonderful that you can opt out of these without being second guessed, just like DDG. If that's a concern, it's also possible to disable ads for specific files through the API.

The API is quite simple:

sircmpwn@homura ~/Pictures> curl -F file=@2014-10-08\ 22.30.10.jpg
  "hash": "dXGSxYgVVJX0"

And then the file is available at after some processing (processing status being available through the API, too).

This API is availble to the public for free, without rate limiting. No API keys or login required, it's completely anonymous. It also supports CORS, so uploading via JS from is entirely possible.

MediaCrush supports images, vectors, videos, and audio.

What do you think?
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I can do that, sure
posted by SirCmpwn 4 years and 4 months ago Link
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