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so at the moment the search
" python import "
gives information on the import function within python however I think it would be a good idea to add commands or functions from other programming languages / terminals.

For example the search
" cmd dir "
would give information from on the cmd command "dir".

This could also work for jQuery : "jQuery on" ->
or "java java.lang.System" ->


In short my idea is that you could enter a programming language and then a command / function / whatever and ddg would output documentation of that command / function.

As stated above jQuery functions would have text from the jquery api documentation of the stated function or a cmd command would have text from the ss64 entry on that command.

The syntax would be "language function" and I believe this would end up being very helpful for fast answers on how to use certain commands if you've forgotten. For example: I am currently working on a project involving jQuery and when I look up how a function is used I have to go to and I would much rather have an instant answer come up with a short description and usage similar to how the python function instant answer already works.

If I enter "python import" ddg outputs documentation on the __import__ function in python and I think applying this to other languages would be nice.

Currently my ideas are limited to jQuery, cmd, oracle and the rest of the languages supported on ss64 however I'm sure there is a lot of room for more languages you could have (probably w3schools for html if it isn't there already).


There is one for html. If I enter "html a" it outputs text from html 5 doctor. I would love to expand this so I can enter "jQuery on" and an instant answer appears with text from
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There is already a few instant answers relating to programming language references.
Perhaps this does not need to be made?
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