looking for developer to help with DDG Spice Instant Answer integration

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Well, as the title says we are looking for a developer to help with integration of our site/search engine with DDG.

Most likely it will be a Spice integration
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Some more details about this:

- we are a big web site providing information on medicines and healthcare products (official, vetted information)
- we have information in 36 languages covering products in over 40 countries
- we would like to develop an Instant Answer for DDG (Spice) whereby when you type something like "aspirin dosage for children" or "aspirin side effects" or "aspirin information leaflet" we provide the notice/leaflet document with all the relevant information

We take care of all the API part on our server (the searching part) and we are looking for someone with DDG integration experience to help with the rest.

This would be a very interesting project considering the complexity given by languages that need to be supported and need to pinpoint the right answers.

Any takers ?

Please feel free to contact me at rlattuad@yahoo.com if you need further information
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Ok, moved to instant answer section. and status changed to Needs a Developer.
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A PR Has been made, and is under review: https://github.com/duckduckgo/zeroclicki...
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