Satellite and space station position via search

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When searching for a satellite, space station, or other object orbiting the Earth the search would return a map with the live position of that object along with any accompanying info (altitude, orbit period, orbit velocity, inclination, orbit type, etc) in addition to the Wikipedia snippet or any other info that would normally be returned from such a search.

These orbits are not live as one might anticipate, rather, the position of an object is calculated from the object's known orbit. Orbit info is updated once a day in various databases.

Overlaying this data on Open Street Map would be VERY cool as well seeing as most other services render the satellite position on a Google map. is a great resource for this, though their API access is "coming soon".

Celestrak offers a good orbit database and search feature, but no API

Space-track offers an API but the API is heavily throttled.

Finally, NASA has their Satellite Situation Center API which might be the ticket.
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This sounds like a great idea! There's currently a Pull Request under review that displays the Lat/Long for the ISS, and we've suggested that it should use that to show a map.

Perhaps the two Instant Answers could be joined if one source provides all the required information?
posted by Moollaza Staff4 years and 23 days ago Link
posted by Moollaza Staff4 years and 23 days ago Link
Yeah this sounds like a good idea. Any of the resources I've found above would include data for the ISS (among other orbiting objects), though the merged instant answer should have a wider scope than the just displaying lat/long of the ISS.
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Yup, that's exactly what I meant :) If we can show the location of other stuff, that would be awesome.
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