Linux commands for Terminal

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I think that would be a good idea to offer help with commands that uses Linux at Terminal or Konsole. They can also be offered which are used on Windows - I don't know if Mac also used....-.
It's enough to write:
linux update debian
and the answer:
sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude upgrade
linux opensuse upgrade
and the answer
sudo zypper up
I'm pretty sure that the main work will be make it by the Linux distributions itself, or its developers -we love ya, guys and girls!- or volunteers, Linux lovers... like me!
• posted 4 years and 12 days ago Needs Source Suggestions

Currently, there is the inverse functionality, using the "man" command like

man grep
man ssh
posted by Puskin 4 years and 12 days ago Link
That looks complex.

Take the simple 'update' on Debian. Did you mean:

* update your packages list (update)
* update the packages (upgrade)
* update everything (dist-upgrade)?

And why apt-get and not aptitude?

And what about "ubuntu update" yielding a command and not a point-and-click procedure in Unity?

Multiply this by the number of commands, distro flavors, ... and it's going to be fun :-/
posted by youri 4 years and 8 days ago Link
Adding a bash cheat sheet would be even better.
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 11 months ago Link