Send an XMPP message on DDG

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Can be useful implementing the XMPP protocol in DDG ( Spice ?? ) to send a message someone in xmpp's friends list , using credentials offered by DDG ??

message to <friend name>: <message content>
• posted 4 years and 9 days ago Declined

I'm not so sure about this Instant Answer idea.

It's certainly "cool" -- but I'm not sure it's very practical, useful or even possible. Which account would the message come from? The user's? That would require a login which we can't support.

I'm not even sure if there are any web API's that will allow an XMPP message to be sent to an arbitrary user? I feel like that would open the floodgates for abuse.

If you guys disagree, please feel free to speak up!
posted by Moollaza Staff4 years and 7 days ago Link
I thought that DDG offered also a complete XMPP account associated at profile. Sorry, my fault ;)
posted by Puskin 4 years and 6 days ago Link