Censorship resistant .bit domain name resolver

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Namecoin is a censorship resistant, distributed
key-value store which (among other things) can be used as an alternate
domain name resolver for ".bit" domains. The namecoin system is in
its infancy, however it is based off the more mature bitcoin
blockchain technology. There are already thousands of .bit domains.


If an end user wants to browse a .bit domain, they can either install a special browser plugin, or run
moderately heavy blockchain client, or trust a volunteer DNS resolver
which has been augmented to resolve .bit domains. For end users,
these options are not always trusted, attractive or available.


I'm proposing DDG run a resolver on an internal server to feed an IA.

This would require running a namecoin daemon on an internal server
(EC2?) and writing an Instant Answer to query the server. The IA
response could take the form of a numeric IP link. For example, I
envision a query matching "wikileaks.bit" would present an answer of as a link.


Because it's a true value add for users given the barriers of entry
above; because it would enhance DDG's already established name among
privacy circles; and because it would provide a trusted resource for
the internet at large.


The simplest thing that would possibly work would be (1) clone and
build https://github.com/namecoin/namecoin, and (2)
write an IA that queries it as follows.

    $ namecoind name_show d/wikileaks
        "name" : "d/wikileaks",
        "value" : "{\"map\": {\"\": \"\"}}",
        "txid" : "f4f61a4da3c51484564543533cd92af19d8b06ba6b7c71291d8743f44f3ecca4",
        "address" : "N7mzwqh3fbbvuvujcMzfQQNsiqAKKgSk5e",
        "expires_in" : 24303

The daemon conveniently answers in JSON. There is a shell client as
above, in addition to RPC and HTTP clients.

This becomes more of an operations and networking question than a code
one. Backups, maintenance, failover, uptime, etc. etc.

Other Directions

If you want to get really altruistic, you could simply redirect users,
eg "!jump wikileaks.bit" would skip the IA altogether and just give an
HTTP 302, however that might be at odds with business requirements. You
can also run a full DNS resolver on udp 53 with the same caveat.

One more tangent is some other namespaces supported by namecoin
involving users and identity. For example http://nameid.org,
http://onename.io, and others can retrieve a person's email, contact,
PGP key etc.
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