Provide information on a public pgp key

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Contact or other keyservers and attempt to get the e-mail address, expiration date, and other info about a pgp key ID. Search query would be "pgp key [ID]" or "pgp key [e-mail]".
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To help me understand the need can you tell me about a time you used a search engine to find a person’s key in the past?

- Why were you looking for the key?
- What did you do with it once you found it?
- What was frustrating about the experience?
- What was pleasing?
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Data sources:

Search and list keys

Search keys and get first match

The “mr” option returns machine-readable output. Search interface described in:
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Nevermind. Those source URLs wouldn’t meet the spice API requirements.
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I've been trying to make this into a Fathead by batch importing via GnuPG the dumps from an SKS server, but there are all kinds of errors being thrown right now. SKS servers provide a query interface via the HKP (effectively HTTP) protocol, but the responses aren't JSON.
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