Data and Web Privacy concerns called with search queries

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Since there are so many privacy breeches occurring on websites and with companies, I think it could be a value add to see related information concerning privacy to search results.

For instance

a query for target:
1. recalls regular search results
2. also recalls (possibly on the side of the search results in a "privacy corner" related information on data and privacy concerns at target).

I can see this being helpful, especially when shopping online. With so many privacy concerns, and breeches happening on a regular basis, it is hard to keep up with this through the news alone.

I also think that it can educate new users to issues related to their internet browsing habits and privacy. The average user is not tech savvy enough to know what to avoid and what is safe. This would be another step in that direction.
I would think that this may be just a different kind of query that is executed concurrently with the search query.
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