Temperature Guidelines - Cooking Meat

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If a chart or image could result whenever a user searches for ideal temperatures while cooking meat, it could save a lot of time. I have a reference magnet near my stove, but have been using my MacBook a lot whilst cooking and trying out new recipes.
The Food Network is a pretty reliable source and they have this [http://cl.ly/image/1D3f3C1w3F0J] chart on meat and poultry temperatures. It's especially helpful that there's a breakdown of official USDA end temperatures juxtaposed with a few of their target temperatures.
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We've got the following pages that can be the datasource for instant answers surrounding temperature guidelines.

Guide for cooking pork
Guide for broiling beef, veal, lamb, poultry
Guide for roasting beef, veal, lamb, poultry

Curated from a variety of sources including the USDA.
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