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Support for "twitter kim gordon", and display results for all people named Kim Gordon, using the same style as the Google+ template. A more advanced version could show a single view (
• posted 3 years and 11 months ago • type: Spice (API calls) Improvement

So this would be an improvement to the current Twitter IA then?
posted by javathunderman Community Leader3 years and 11 months ago Link
I actually think it might be a standalone, but I might not be the best to evaluate this.
posted by jkanarek Staff3 years and 11 months ago Link
It could go either way, but right now the Twitter API requires OAuth for all API calls, which is why this current Twitter IA is mostly internal (closed source) now.

Spice IA's don't currently work with OAuth API's so this would require internal changes to allow for calls to the user search API endpoint.
posted by Moollaza Staff3 years and 11 months ago Link
IA should bring more information, such as how much followers/following user have, verified badge if there is one, last few tweets if possible. Perfect example of advanced version template:
posted by vojiz 3 years and 11 months ago Link