Give information about file names (drivers, executables, ..)

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Often one finds files on ones computer that one doesn't know - are they important? Are they virus? Are there new updates?

If I type in a filename (often xxx.sys or xxx.exe) in DDG, I get lots of sites that pretend to be able to tell me more about that file - but most try to lure me into downloading some system scan software.
Yet, I presume there are good public domain sources that can give the answer.
The instant answer should connect many such sources, in order to provide answers for different operating systems, for system files and third-party programs, to give links to descriptive and download pages, ..
For various Linuxes, their repositories might do. Maybe a download site such as MajorGeeks (they might be interested in helping out).
I suppose real computer nerds - i.e. those who don't need this service - are the ones who would know where to find the resources.
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Maybe / could give information, or one of the many other driver updaters (or together, because so far I haven't found a single one that can update all my drivers).
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If there is no such service yet, you might even start a wiki where people can describe files. It would be a very useful service, and I am sure it would soon fill up with high-quality information.
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There is
And there is some useful material on - such as or
Not quite what we need, but there you are.
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