Local Housing Market Rental / Neighborhood Comps & Availability

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Enter an address or zip code and return market stats comparing nearby similar rental rates, school scores, crime rates, and walkability. If you use Zilpy, their API will also return available rentals in the area and fees, saving the user the effort of scouring Zillow / CraigsList.
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This is a great idea. I work in Real Estate in both rental and sales side. Zillow's searches are limiting, poor, and don't provide the power of listings that Craigslist does. Zillow filters results to advertising and narrowed down search typically to higher pricing. Trulia the same. Craigslist is still seen by many as the go to for lower and mid range rents. Zillow is better for sales, but for rentals on the low-mid range spectrum, Craigslist is still the classifieds page. Crime Rate is the only thing that would have to be omitted though as you may get into hot water with Fair Housing. Localized results but unfiltered.
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This is currently somewhat available via Quandl but could be improved/expanded to what you suggested:

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