Euro 2012 and other competitions info

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I would really like to see standings and recent matches for sporting competitions, such as Euro 2012 (which is ongoing, hurry!) and Formula 1. This is one of Google's best features and one that DDG really needs.

You should begin with football, the largest sport in the world. Then you can move on to other things. Competitions like the World Cup are by far and away the most important though.

I can tell that most people here are somewhat geeky and ask for programming-related plugins, but this would be great for the rest of us. Please, please make something like this, and we'll need Google no more.

Just perform a Google search for Euro 2012 and look at their implementation of this feature, I think it's very good. Perhaps you can copy it. Please do. :)
• posted 6 years and 9 months ago • type: Fathead (keyword data) Needs Source Suggestions