How to check your PNR Status

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PNR refers to Passenger Name Record. Indian Railways PNR Status is one of the most searched term in search engines. So to avoid redundancy and unncessary waste tie, i suggest you to directly visit this pnr status enquiry site. Enter the PNR number in the form and hit Enter.
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This sounds like an Instant Answer idea and so we're moving it to that forum.
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There is actually an ongoing PR for this. We ran into problems with the initial API we chose and are now looking into alternative APIs.
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Great, There are many ways to check PNR status as on Mobile and website though SMS, or you can just get Irctc Login to check your PNR enquiry easily.
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You provide good information to us,this is so simple step provided by you IRCTC PNR Status
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we can easily check irctc pnr status by doing IRCTC Login
by the help of this link you can easily check your PNR status.
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Hello you will easily get to know about you pnr status, as well as anythin about your ticket just do IRCTC Registration
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PNR means Passenger Name Record it is a 10 digit number mentioned at upper left corner of your Indian Railway Ticket. Indian Railways PNR Number is a record of the passenger in Computer Reservation System (CRS).


From a technical point, there are five parts of a PNR required to book a ticket:

Name of the passenger
Contact details for the travel agent or airline office.
A ticket number or a ticketing time limit.
Itinerary of at least one segment, which must be the same for all passengers listed.
Name of the person who is booking the ticket.

If you want to check PNR status of your ticket then you can check it here:

Check IRCTC PNR Status of Your Ticket

If you don't know how to book Ticket and get PNR then you can this post also:

How To Register and Book Ticket in IRCTC Online

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Great, You have share helpful link to check PNR status so go to IRCTC login page to login your official irctc account and check PNR Status.
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