Foreign exchange rate/fee by company

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Hello, this is my first post, so please excuse me if I'm completely off the topic or in the wrong place.

I know DuckDuckGo already shows foreign exchange rate data. For example, the query "KRW to USD" returns the forex rate provided by

The rate shown here is a good reference point but, unfortunately, not useful for people who actually want to remit money internationally. There are many companies(for example, western union) servicing remittance and their rates and fees vary wildly from time to time. One would have to visit every single website in order to find the best rate.

So I think it would be useful if a query like "send money to India" would show a list of remittance companies and their exchange rates/fee and even with a calculator that shows the conversion.
This is a website that collects the exchange rate/fee by companies that sends money from US to India.

I already have scrapper written in python that collects rate from a few of these companies but it would be challenging to cover most, if not all, major remittance companies.
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I understand we already have a service that provides real time exchange rates & Fees for from all money transfer service providers for sending any amount - Exchange Rate IQ

You can check out best dollar to Rupee rates on the website. I understand they currently support over 100 receiving countries for sending money from USA and are launching in UK, Australia soon.

Rather than scrappers I think APIs for exchange rates & would make more sense anyways since the changes in the webpages could result into massive scrapper failure plus the issue with privacy.
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