Instant answering GitHub's awesome lists when the trigger "awesome" is typed.

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There's a lot of great lists hosted on GitHub that do a great job of collecting various awesome materials across the Internet on a specific topic and linking them to their list.

What we could do

We could use the word "awesome" as a trigger and find them. Now my suggestion is to trigger the word only when two words are typed, as "awesome" is a very common word.

What could be a problem

The lists are very dis-centralized and scattered across different GitHub users who are maintaining them.


"awesome linux" could link here:
"awesome scifi" could link here:
Because these lists are very de-centralized, this list does a great job of collecting them all in one place:

This list is also making sure that there are only relevant lists linked to it. There are no small lists linked and most of them are very well maintained and relatively popular (over 100 stars on most of them).
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