HS Hackathons & Major League Hacking Events

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This instant answer would help the hackathon audience (which I'm sure has a large DDG following) quickly find an overview for a hackathon event and discover events in the area using combined data from High School Hackathons and Major League Hacking.

Trigger queries would be direct searching for a specific hackathon related term like PennApps, STEMHacks, or a general term like high school hackathons, college hackathons, major league hacking, hackathons in philadelphia.

I'm planning on display a card view for multiple results, when expanded, shows a single result. The single result would display the logo, location, school/venue, date, availability (open to public/college only/18+/under 20/invite only/etc), tagline, and two buttons: Learn More showing the favicon + linking to the site; and Register Now linking to the registration form ONLY IF registrations are currently open (which will be a realtime API endpoint)

I am interested in building it, and when complete I'm (hopefully) planning to demo it at the keynote at HackCon II (SF) on July 17-19 and at PiperCon on July 26 (HS Hackers NYC). (I am also happen to be the founder of High School Hackathons.)
The API doesn't exist yet but I'm in the process of talking with Major League Hacking with to build a unified API combining both college & high school hackathon with a use case of a DuckDuckGo IA in mind.

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