Viral IA

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Searching for "viral" or "the button" would return an Instant Answer with five elements:
1. A button saying "Be the [number]th person to click this button"
2-5. Buttons saying "Be the [number]th person to share this on [Twitter, Facebook, Diaspora or Google+]"

Upon clicking one of these buttons, the number ("[number]th") would go up by one.

Sharing on Twitter would make a Tweet with the content "I pushed #thebutton:"

What is the point of this IA? Pretty much none. It's just like Wanda, the Three-Eyed Fish for Ubuntu 10.04 users use description said that it's only purpose was to take up processing time.

It is possible that this IA would spread virally through "the network," bringing more people to DDG and giving them a fun reason to like the search engine. The share buttons would make it easy to spread to one's friends and the "Be the [number]th" would encourage the viewer to do so.

Now, if you think this IA idea is awesome, please vote for it. And if you think it's really awesome, please vote for and comment on it. Let's see if we can make this idea itself viral!
• posted 3 years and 8 months ago

DDG could certainly use some more fun! :-P
posted by benrob0329 3 years and 7 months ago Link