Accessible Categorical Colours via ColorBrewer (claimed by uniphil)

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Cynthia Brewer's ColorBrewer2 has an array of accessible categorical colour palette, useful for many kinds of graphical representaton. It is well-regarded [citation needed :) ] and included in popullar libraries such as D3.js. The online widget is great, but it's more than zero clicks away...

This suggestion has two parts:

1. Each palette has a unique name, like `BuGn` or `PiYG`. Searching these names (possibly in combination with "colorbrewer" could give a palette preview and all the hex values.

2. Recreating a light-weight version of the whole colorbrewer widget to embed in an IA would be kind of cool.
I think all the necessary information can probably be embedded inside the answer code. Hopefully it's not too heavy.

D3 includes all the colorbrewer data, and in its unminified not-gzipped form it weighs 19Kb. Uglify + gzip takes it down to 3.3K.
• posted 3 years and 5 months ago Quack and Hack!