TED Talks

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I'd love to have access to TED Talks right within DuckDuckGo but I'm not sure what kind of keywords would trigger the plugin. Probably typing TED2006 would produce a list of videos or searching for a person whose name is in the list could trigger the plugin.
• posted 6 years and 10 months ago • type: Spice (API calls) Needs a Developer

I started working on it but it is still incomplete:https://github.com/jagtalon/zeroclickinfo-fathead/tree/master/ted
posted by [UserVoice Jag Talon] • 6 years and 10 months ago Link
There are probably a few different triggers that I can think of:

Topic: TED education OR TED physics
Speaker: TED Ariely
Generic: TED videos (would show recent videos perhaps)
posted by [UserVoice Jordan] • 6 years and 10 months ago Link
I almost forgot about TED topics! I should try adding related tags and themes to the plugin. Thanks!
posted by [UserVoice Jag Talon] • 6 years and 10 months ago Link
posted by yegg Staff6 years and 10 months ago Link
I've been in touch with TED, they're happy for an Instant Answer to be developed using their API :) see the email below. I will get to work on the Instant Answer this week.

JUN 30, 2014 | 03:14PM EDT

Hello Des,

Thanks for your interest in developing with the TED API! As long as you follow DuckDuckGo’s
requirements for use, we are happy to have you develop an Instant Answer plug in for TED queries.

If you end up hitting our rate limits for the base level API please let us know and we will review your
app for a possible API key upgrade.

Warm regards,
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 8 months ago Link
Could probably use http://developer.ted.com/ instead
posted by Jag Staff4 years and 6 months ago Link
So I started creating a spice instant answer and I asked it to search for 'TED poverty', but Zanran.pm already has a trigger 'any' for poverty.

How do I tell spice to give my instant answer priority if it contains both TED and poverty?
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 5 months ago Link
i want to make this IA but i cannot use the given source as registration for the api key is disabled . Is there any way i could get the api key or anyone else who was working on this IA has the Key .
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 3 months ago Link