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Suppose you want to learn about recent development
in a given topic. You can ask an expert, who will point
you to the right papers in the latest symposium
of that specific community, or if you don't know any
you go on

Which will not give you much help, since you might
not even know the right keywords to search for.

But imagine you know the very seminal paper on the
topic, written 20 years ago. Say you are interested in
PageRank development and you know about
Page, Larry, "PageRank: Bringing Order to the Web" (1997).
You might have a chance to get your result, if you do the

1) search "PageRank: Bringing Order to the Web" on
2) click on "cited by"
3) select articles who cited the original paper
4) go on exploring the whole tree, with obvious deforestation
(a paper from 2002 with only 15 might not have really been interesting)

The point is that if somebody made a relevant improvement
on PageRank, it will likely cite the original 1997 paper.
So, with the help of a clever plugin that let you explore
the citation tree in a convenient way, you will eventually get it.

I was about to write a plugin for this, but having it into ddg would be awesome.
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TYPO: "(a paper from 2002 with only 15 CITATIONS might not have ..."
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