A DuckDuckGo Translator like Google Translator

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Hi! Could we have a DuckDuckGo Translator implemented along with the search like Google has it. I am not expecting a complete sentence translation but a single word translator would also suffice the need of many. Like I wanted to search whether a fruit is available in India or not and if it is, then what is it called here as that fruit might have a different common name here. So I typed "xyz in Hindi" (where "xyz" is the name of the fruit) expecting an instant reply but instead I was bombarded with links to various websites which could translate it for me. Now imagine that I am in an extremely crowded market and I just need an instant response, I wouldn't like browsing through links to get that Hindi name.

I read a few older suggestions. Everyone discussed about its possibility. I, as an end-user, am waiting for an actual implementation because I love DuckDuckGo Search and have full faith in it's community and principles.

Thank You,
Ankit Mehta
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Ginger Soft./Software would also be a nice add, as most people, do not know how to structure a cogent sentence. Also, they turned out to be not so ginger, just pretty bitter. Also, who allows 3rd party cookies now? Seriously! Oh hi I am new by the ways.
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